Kim Kardashian on Paris robbery: ‘It was meant to happen’

Kim Kardashian announced that being held at gunpoint during a Paris jewelry heist in 2016 “was meant to happen.”

The 36-year-old reality TV personality told Ellen DeGeneres on Thursday’s episode of the comedienne’s show that she’s “such a different person” after the robbery in October, which took place at the time of Paris Fashion Week.

Kim added that she was “definitely materialistic” before being robbed, but insisted that she now doesn’t care about things, like jewelry.

“The Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star also revealed that Caitlyn Jenner isn’t being honest about her former marriage to Kim’s mother, Kris Jenner. She explained that the comments made in Caitlyn’s new memoir, “The Secrets of My Life,” along with the recent interviews supporting the release are “hurtful.”

Kim pointed out that Caitlyn took “a really long time to be honest with herself,” so she doesn’t except her to be honest now. Kim wishes Caitlyn success, but not at the expense of her famous family.


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