Lagos Workers Protest Unpaid Salaries

Workers of Lagos State Ministry of Environment, Emergency Flood Abatement Department (EFAD), on Tuesday staged a protest at the governor’s office, Alausa, Ikeja over non-payment of four months salary.

The protesters who carried placards with various inscriptions such as ‘pay us our four months salary, how do we survive without salary, 14 years in service, nothing to show; Adejare must go’ and lots more complained of inhuman treatment.

Coordinator, EFAD, Gbenga Orilade, who spoke with The Guardian, said: “The government is owing us four months salary. EFAD has been in existence for 14years yet we weren’t staffed. Anytime we visit the commissioner to tender our plight he would address us in an unruly manner that does not befit a public office holder. He even told us to go to court; that he is ready for us. At a time we delegated 19 people to his office, he gave them N50, 000. The only thing we want now is to collect our salary. If the Lagos State government does not want our service again they should let us know.”

One of the delegates who visited the commissioner’s office, Esther Ayo, said: “I was one of those who went to the commissioner’s office. He claimed that the government hasn’t approved the fund. It is true that the commissioner gave us N50, 000. We protested sometimes in 2016. He came out and started raining curses on us and even forced us to say amen. We are not animals; we are human beings with families to take care of. The commissioner addresses us as if he is a thug. Also, it was in our presence that KAI and LASTMA were staffed; so why won’t the government also staff us.”

Representing the state government, Special Adviser, Civil Engagement, Mr. Kehinde Joseph, who addressed the protesters, asked them to document their complaints and it would be forwarded to the appropriate quarters.

“As I told you earlier, the governor will not be happy that you are being denied your right. We all know that the government pay salaries on 22nd and 23rd of each month, you are also under the Lagos State government.

Source: Guardian

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