Meet Bisola Aiyeola, Big Brother Naija 2017 1st runner-up

On April 9, 2017, Bisola Aiyeloa left the Big Brother Naija show as the first runner-up.

On April 12, 2017, the housemate had an interesting and inspiring conversation with Pulse Nigeria, sharing her life experiences and her journey to becoming the Bisola Nigerians know today.

Check out five things you should know about the versatile entertainer.

1. After she decided to be positive about life, Bisola went for auditions for waka pass’ roles in two Africa Magic Original Films. After that, they called her back for roles, and people were able to see her talent.

She also started making Instagram skits and participated in the Falz Ello Bae Challenge, which earned her more followers on social media.

With the money she made from acting, she was able to comfortably feed herself and pay her daughter’s fees.

2. The “Skinny Girl in Transit” actress isn’t a graduate. However, she did try to go to the university, but couldn’t because several schools wanted bribe.

She tried University of Lagos, University of Illorin, Federal Polytechnic Bida and some private schools.

At a point when she couldn’t pay for a certain exam fee, she felt like the world was against her and education wasn’t for her.

She wrote and passed Jamb in 2013, but unfortunately, she was once again asked to bring 250,000 naira to make it work.

“I did try to pass the examinations, but, at each point it is to get into the university, you would be asked to bring a huge some of money,” Bisola said.

“You would have to bribe your way through. And, I never had. Where do you want me to get 250,000 Naira from? “


3. She had been auditioning for Big Brother for about 9 years before she got accepted in 2017. On one of the occasions, Bisola went for an audition with her 9-day-old baby and had her sister look after her in the car.

Bisola address TTT's marital statusBisola address TTT’s marital status

4. Bisola isn’t particularly interested in starting a foundation. She is of the opinion that there are several Non-Governmental organizations that need help.

She is interested in helping Modupe Cole in Yaba; an institution for kids with special needs.

Bisola at BBN conferenceBisola at BBN conference

5. She wants to go to a film school in the near future. She had checked up some schools in the past but found the fees expensive.

But, with what has happened now [the bigger platform offered to her by Big Brother Naija] Bisola is hoping that she would be able to afford the fees now.

Bisola's interview with Pulse TVBisola’s interview with Pulse TV

 The 31-year-old latest one campaign ambassador, despite her lack of educational status, will be educating over 130 million girls and raising awareness on the girl child cause, at the United Nations.

“Don’t give up, always push yourself. Fear is a box that limits you physically, limits you mentally. Always give it a trial. If you fail, try again,” Bisola ended the inspiring conversation with.