Mixed Reactions as The Game Pens Emotional Open Letter to His Son on his Birthday

The Game is once again causing a buzz amongst his fans but this time, it’s NOT because of an eggplant photo.

Yesterday, the 37-year-old rapper took to his Instagram page to celebrate his son’s birthday by penning an emotional open letter to the young lad which he titled, ‘A short letter to my best friend.’

He wrote:

The 1st Time We Met, I Knew In My Heart That You’d Grow Up To Be Exactly The Way You Are…. Like Me.I Thank God Every Time I’m Look At You Just Based On The Pure Fact I Feel Lucky To Be Your Dad Bro…I Cannot Believe An Entire Decade Has Past Us Buy…I Can’t Wait To Hug You Today…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY “KING JUSTICE TAYLOR”

Naturally, fans hopped on the post to comment on the beautiful note. But the reactions weren’t all positive.

Certain fans felt the post was ‘attention-seeking’, questioning the rationale behind celebs writing open letters to their kids on social media.



Others couldn’t bring themselves to ignore the grammatical errors in the note.

A few felt he was trying to follow in Serena Williams footsteps.

While the kind ones praised him for being an exemplary dad.