MMM to Pay Old Mavros Frozen From November-December 2016?… See Interesting Details

This might come as good news to many MMM participants as it has been revealed that old Mavrodians could be getting their money back.

It seems like old Mavrodians whose accounts containing millions were frozen last December 2016 might soon get back their money following a new interesting development.
The frozen accounts had been abandoned by some of the participants following the decision of the ponzi scheme operators to stop paying owners of the accounts as they concentrated on paying new mavrodians after lifting the ban in 2017. As a result, many people lost money and are still to get it back.
However, there seems to be a change of heart by the ponzi scheme operators. According to a post on the MMM Nigeria Support group, the scheme is set to pay back the money put in between November and December 2016 without the bonuses.
Below is the post, as made by Stanley Oz: 
“Mavrodians: Do you support this or not??? This is a very important discussion that MMM should consider very vital to help our community, precisely, MMM Nigeria community concerning 2016 Mavro. 
I carried some public opinion today with some good numbers of participants concerning the 2016 Mavro release after all said and done, we the Nigeria MMM community believes that since Mavro growth can not be stopped. That, it will be a good idea to our community to only focus on the Mavro that is accrued from November to December 2016, e.g. since a lot of Mavrodians PROVIDED HELP in November 2016 and expected to cash out December 2016, that the one month space should be only Money that is needed to be settled to all. 
Example: 1.} Mr Michael a new participant registered November 2nd, 2016 and pledge N50,000 plus the $20 bonus, that will certainly give Mr Michael at least N74,000 by December, so we suggest which is going to be helpful to our community that MMM should only focus on giving Mr Michael N74,000 only and all other Mavro running from January 2017 uptil now on that same PH please should be wipe off, In other word, the programmers can program the Mavro to be STILL only to withdraw the N74,000. 2.} Mrs Jane is an old participant that pledge N50,000 same day November 2nd, she is suppose to cash out N65,000 December 2nd , 2016 and nothing more. 
So please consider this suggestion and make it as a news that MMM has find a way to resolved all these 2016 problems, that all Mavro of 2016 will be only paid for November to December 2016 and every other growth in the Mavro 2016 should be disregarded & discarded for the sustainability of the community.”

Source: Tori



    • Am still very much in the scheme and with this exciting news,am happy that my 200k I invested on Nov, 22 is still alive. Please implement it fast. Am still GH and receiving help till date. Chris O

  1. very good suggestion. so many people are still interested but there is no money. so if the old money is paid people can still use it to start up again. so it is a welcome development.

  2. It will be the best thing to ever happen to all the old participant if it can be inplmented fast mmm will gain another big ground..

  3. pls let it not be limited to November and December alone let October be included to really secure your sincerity and trust back… stop segregating the payment

  4. That’s a great news i will like to suggest further that let not the Mavro for 2017 accrued from November -December 2016 be wiped out rather let it stop growing(pause mode since the donated amount is withdrawn) until when we see the stability of the community in due cause, cos i believe with this new development: believe you me people will join this community in their numbers and if my suggestion will be considered and attend-able (that’s if it is possible) the community will gain the trust of all Nigerians and that will be the beginning of revolution in that dimension cos i know what it’s like in my just concluded guiders training …. for me am still enjoying MMM as usual just that my 2016 Mavros am still expecting

    • please do, that will be one of the ways of regaining our trust and confidence in this great scheme. many Nigerians will regain back their lost hope.and pleaseeeee implement it fast.

  5. The question is that if mmm will listen and see reasons to implement it because this not the 1st time suggestions have comes out like this but the truth is that administrators of mmm always do what pleases them

  6. The Idea Is Very Good. It Will Lessen The Interest Burden On MMM And Restore The Confidence Of Participants. By So Doing, All Distractors Will Hide Their Faces To Shame. 3 Million Nigerians Participants Are Ever Ready To Continue With The Business. MMM Pls, Don’t Fail Us.

  7. Hello mmm, pls my wife go deliver a new born baby for me dis month or next month ending, so I want u guys to help me gh small of my marvo 2016, pls mmm…. Since I join mmm last year October I gave my wife pregnant believing dat mmm we not go or frozen, pls mmm I we b happy if u guys can give me small of money to buy goods for d new born baby… I we b happy so much… Thanks…. MMM for Real

  8. Rubbish this is not the first time people are bringing suggestion all to no avail……….What have they been doing since December MMM fuck u fuck your generation assholes……….

  9. Pls consider those doing mmm 4 d 1st tym,so dt we can build up our trust in u again,pls implement what u suggested

  10. i joined mmm in dec 2016 after my son encouraged me. there were rumours of mmm crash but i trusted d scheme and provided help of 100,000 in january 2017 to 7 people. when i asked for help in feb 2017 only 8000 naira was provided to me. since then nothing again. pls even if u give me d remaining 92,000 only i wil be grateful and join again. its a welcome idea.

  11. By mavrodians,if statement above is true den will be happy if mmm is back ,then we can do order,a we still login in with d same old details?

  12. The same frozen problems have happened in Ghana since DEC. 2017 Plz kindly use your media to inform them for us here in ghana


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