Model Olajumoke Begins Search for Victim of Ogun Demolitions as Fans Offer Financial Support

A new video of ongoing Ogun State demolitions circulating on social media has drawn moving reactions from Nigerians, including top acts like movie director Kemi Adetiba, and model Olajumoke Orisaguna.

The video which surfaced on social media over the weekend, shows an elderly woman reacting to the news that her home was up for demolition. From the clip, the woman begged her interviewer not take down the house, as she has nowhere to go.

Please don’t demolish our houses. I have one surviving son. I will go and call him. Please don’t pull down the house. Please, there is no where I will go,” said the old woman in the video.

Like the ongoing #OtodoGbame situation, the clip has made rounds on social media, drawing reactions from Nigerians.

This absolutely broke my heart. Listen to the desperation in her voice. I’m guilty of worrying about the most frivolous of things, in comparison,” said Kemi Adetiba on her Instagram last night, adding, “Watching this video makes me feel ashamed.”

She continued, “There are people in this world with TROUBLES. REAL troubles. Not the useless crap that sometimes keeps me up at night. Lord, help me appreciate the grace that envelops my life and use me to bring your grace to others in need.”

However, while Kemi Adetiba ends her emotional reaction with a prayer, Olajumoke seems she intends to do more than just pray.

The bread-seller-turned model reposted the video from the page of a Nigerian woman who wishes to help the woman out by being the daughter she needs. “Oh God. She is a mother. Anyone who can find or give information about this woman will be appreciated. Please fam let’s find her,” said Olajumoke.

Olajumoke’s post triggered heartwarming reactions from people who want to help the woman get a new house, and a fan immediately gave a good lead on how to locate the woman.

She is in Abeokuta at itoko, that’s the area Governor Amosun of Ogun state is,” said a fan @Olulay, adding, ” Itoko is a popular place in Abeokuta and 90% of people living their are poor and vulnerable… Ogun state govt demolished their houses to pave way for road expansion. You will be surprised her case is the least touching, families are displaced and children sleep outside because they don’t have roof over their head. Just go to itoko in Abeokuta (itoko is quiet popular) and show anyone this video, they will fetch you the woman.”

With this new lead, many people indicated interest in helping the woman out. “Please drop her address pls or any information about her,” said on fan.

Another added, @havencars said, “I was moved to tears with this post, I have never been touched like this. She most be found. Kindly keep us all hope to date with your findings. Even if are house is demolished, she can get a better one and a better life. As the Yoruba saying goes “Ile oba to jo, ewa Lo bu si ” I will like to help in my own little way. Thanks God bless you.”