Mortuary attendant takes selfie with dead bodies

A Mortuary attendant based in Enugu State has shared photos of himself taken while he carried of his duties of attending to the corpses and the photos are fast becoming viral. Val Don-Zima, as he is called on Facebook shared the photos with the caption: “Caring (sic) out some experiment.”

Internet users have reacted in different ways to the photos. Some are against him sharing such photos while others feel there’s nothing wrong and have even praised him for earning a decent living and being real about what he does.

More photos below.

Source:  ( Linda Ikeji )


  1. As An ANATOMICAL DOCTOR dat I am.I am Not Against Wat He Did.Becuse He Is On His Legitate Duty……Dere Is Absolutely Noting Wrong In Taking a Pics With a CADAVER…..


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