‘My music wasn’t “African” enough for him,’ DJ Black Coffee gives reason for Usher refusing him collaboration,

South African award-winning DJ Black Coffee in a recent interview with Metro FM talks about Usher refusing him a collaboration.

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The producer, DJ says the collaboration with Usher failed to materialize because Usher felt the music he shared with him isn’t “African” enough.

Coffee explains the event as it went down in New York.

“While I was in New York, I met up with Usher’s manager,” says the DJ. “Obviously, [he said], ‘let’s work, let’s work, we like the African vibe.’ I’m like, ‘Cool, let’s do it.’

Black_Coffee_performing_in_Soweto_at_the_Soulistic_Music_NightBlack Coffee narrated how he contacted Usher on phone, telling him he has a song for him already. “I sent the song says Coffee,”  but on getting in touch with Usher’s manager on phone the next day, the manager told Coffee that Usher would not work with him because he feels the song Coffee sent isn’t “African” enough.

 “No, he thinks the song is a bit too modern, he wanted something African,” the manager said.

“I’m like maybe not,” says Black Coffee, obviously disappointed in Usher. “I don’t know what Africa is to him, but to me Africa is something different, we’re not in the jungle right now, you know. Africa is different, Africa is a totally different place,” the DJ remarked further.

“For other people, they still wanna hear the bongos and the congas,” he continues, “I’m cool to do that, but only if it fits. For me if I wanna do something with you, this is the vision I have, you know. So, the song might not happen because I’m not African enough.” Black Coffee says finally on his expectations of the collaboration.

Speaking of international collaborations Black Coffee has remixed Alicia Keys’ single ‘In common’, which Keys herself endorsed