‘If Oritsefemi Continues To Frustrate Me, There Will Be War, Says Danku’

Last week, news of an underground face-off between Yusuf Adebola Adepitan, fondly known as ‘Ijobanadanku’, Oritsefemi, Rayce and the management of Jebon Records surfaced online. The misunderstanding which has since gone viral on social media became messier and life threatening when a top management staff of   Jebon Records simply known as Ebony, made a video on Instagram, insinuating that Danku’s life was in danger. In this exclusive interview with Star Tracker, Danku who recently welcomed his first child (a girl), sheds light on the whole brouhaha, revealing Oritsefemi and Rayce’s deep secrets.

Can you shed light on the reason behind your Instagram post on Wednesday night?

Oritsefemi wants everyone to die because he sang double wahala and I want to put Oritsefemi’s family, Majemite Ekele, in trouble, especially Oritsefemi’s mother. I am a wise, godly and friendly person, and I can die for the truth. I don’t know if Oritsefemi is the one ruling this country, because me and Oritsefemi had a fight, everyone, including my family and friends denied me. I had to check myself then I realized why; that was the reason I created ‘take action’. I am not saying I’m the holiest, but this is a message to the world, to Majemite Ekele family, Umebulu of Jebon records and to Ebony Black family. The video ebony created that made Umebulu family and Rayce come out of their shell, I want them to bring the proof of that video. I am not concerned about any logo or brand and I am not giving the document to anybody, all I ask of Nigerians is justice. Why would they use my late father’s name, Alhaji Yaya Abiola Adepitan for publicity stunt? Even after that I didn’t talk, the entire family of Adepitan didn’t talk too. I pity their generation if they don’t take action and let us settle this issue amicably. If Oritsefemi doesn’t take action, if he frustrates me to deny my baby, there will be serious war.

What action are you talking about?

He said we were together and I built a website, he said he owns MSN Gang, I gave it to him automatically and went on to create another one which the world knows. Vanguard promoted it for me, Linda Ikeji did not promote it for me, Hip TV also didn’t air my interview. People who love me before don’t want to see me again and I won’t take that under any circumstance. I am not a bad person, so taking action means letting Nigerians understand the situation.

So you hold grudges against Linda Ikeji and HIPTV for not supporting your brand?

While I’m still alive, Linda Ikeji must come and kneel down before me, Yusuf Adebola Adepitan, I’m not talking about Danku or Ijoba Justice. I don’t give two fucks about Linda Ikeji, who is Linda Ikeji where Danku is? She just went to write something about me without checking my background! Linda Ikeji will look for where I live and come to beg me,  and if she doesn’t come  to look for me, then she is in trouble. This is going straight to Linda Ikeji and HIPTV, I went to HIPTV to do an interview and they didn’t publish it. I want to  show them what it takes to frustrate someone because of one useless Majemite Ekele family and one stupid Rayce.  Why would they be using my father’s name, a generous man at that to be doing publicity stunt? Oritsefemi would explain the N400 million he claimed to have used to buy that house in Lekki. I’m granting Vanguard this exclusive interview because Vanguard has been the only print media that has been supporting my brand without a price.

Are you insinuating Oritsefemi doesn’t own his current Lekki apartment?

If he doesn’t want me to expose the secrets behind that house he said he bought, then he should take action; he should go and take action as required. If he doesn’t push the ‘take action’ button on my website www.ijobanadanku.com, then I would tell you if he actually bought or did not buy that his Lekki apartment, but for now, I would give him time to make a decision.

But what is the real reason behind this conspiracy against you?

Do you know what it takes or means for someone to give birth and you are unable to reveal the identity of your first seed to the public? I pity you people that do publicity stunts but you don’t know its real meaning. It’s not everything you do for money, I sang Igbeyawo for Oritsefemi without collecting a dime, am I a fool? Even his latest single, Ongba L’Arami, I sang it. This same fools, Oritsefemi and Rayce, are the only artistes, who have done exclusive performances in Nigeria, and I made it happen for both of them, but I would not reveal the real secret behind it.

Who exactly said you will die?

Any artiste I bring into the Nigerian music industry is always big, that is why anybody who likes should play the video of my new artiste, Oluwaseun. All of a sudden, I just discovered that everybody that loves me began distancing themselves from me. I didn’t know Oritsefemi had been defaming me, and I’ve been doing everything to die for the same Oritsefemi. Because my family is silent doesn’t mean they can’t fight. They’ve been saying I will die but who wants to kill me?

In your Instagram post which artistes were you referring to?

As regards that, to all Nigerian artistes, I want to say I’m sorry to have used the words ‘any artiste in Nigeria’. I’m using this medium to apologize to everybody, Ijoba Danku is not a proud person, he is not a rude person, he’s always a straightforward person.

Now that you have poured out your mind, do you still hold grudges against any of them?

I love Oritsefemi, I love Rayce, I love Jebon, irrespective of what they have done. I have forgiven them but if they know what is good for their careers and their families they should come out to the world and say nothing but the truth about all the things they have said and done with my father’s name. If they don’t do that, they would frustrate me to do what I don’t want to do, because I’m not afraid of death anymore.

So what’s the next line of action?

Whether Oritsefemi likes it or not, before the time I gave them elapses, they (Oritsefemi, Rayce, Jebon Records) and their families should take action, because whether they like it or not they have one or two things to do with me. Let us settle it amicably, they should not allow anybody to deceive them. If Oritsefemi takes action, my family said they will release my baby’s picture.  I, Yusuf Adebola Adepitan, will never change my mind; something that made me deny my mother? I didn’t deny my baby, it was my family that didn’t allow me to see even the picture of my baby, do you know what that means? People should tell Oritsefemi that if he likes himself he should go and take action, make we settle this thing between me and him, na me and him get business and nobody else.

Source: Vanguard


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