Pidgin English Is For The Low Class, Reason I Don’t Know How To Speak It – Tboss Brags (Video)

Ex Big Brother Naija housemate Tboss recently revealed in an interview during her tours that she can’t speak pidgin English.

In what we see as rudeness to Efe’s personality because he is the one who speaks pidgin. Or is she pained for not winning and thereby throwing shades to the winner?

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  • Remember dat De low class u referred to here made u who u re today by their vote. U have succeeded in pulling urself down from getting to dat political office with ur mouth

  • U say? Who polished English EPP, y u no use am win BBn…mumu geh #warri no dey carry last…base on logistics, who u be?

  • U say? If I hear am. Who ur polished English Epp? E epp u na u nor win? If I hear Pim from dat ur hole wen u call mouth ehn…yeh yeh girl. Efe don win wit d pidgin English base on Logistics…

    • t boss just thinks she is special and she should be treated differently, she is someone DAT lacks innovation and if u r a brilliant person been near her will make ur brain blunt because she doesn’t offer ideas
      even white men want to speak pidgin
      efe won his pidgin so she should just keep quiet
      pidgin is for d low class she says but now eve will be on a higher class Dan she

  • Inferiority complex is a disease….

    Even the president of this country can speak pidgin. Will you call him low class as well?

    Madam high class..we don hear you..who u con help now nah…chwwwwww!!!!! Abeg pack one side.. make u cane ur lane

    If you can’t speak pidgin you can’t win #25M
    Ask #Efe how far….

  • Orue(craze) u don speak high class langua no win na so rest abeg,carry body na put u for d one u dey so,e dey pain me cos u never still learn,correct English na ur fada langua abi? Idiot

  • tboss stupid girl from animal kingdom…. Brutish girl…. u sabi speak good English and u can’t recite d National anthem….. I wish I fit slap ur smelling mouth….. efe Don and he will continue winning…. haaaaaa dis British girl from animal kingdom just dey vex me shaaaa…. stupid…. but base on logistics…. I need to use my kidney happy for efe…..

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