See the Face of a Young Man Who Broke Into an Apartment to Steal a Chicken | Photo

A young burglar that broke into a house to steal had himself to blame after he was nabbed in the line of his criminal duty.

Lucky ran out on two burglars in an undisclosed area in Nigeria as their criminal operation failed leading to the arrest of one of them.
The nabbed miscreant was forced to endure the regular pills of jungle justice as he was comforted with rounds of beating while his hands were tied.
Read the account given by a social media user below:
“The thief was caught about 14:30 in my area. He attempted to steal from a house, but his luck ran out as he was caught by the owner (Lady) of the house. 
“According to her, she left for the market to sell, but forgot something at home, so she went home whilst leaving her son to sell. Getting home, she heard an unusual sound coming from her room, on entering she saw the thieves both of the thieves panicked and ran away.
“Fortunately, one of them wasn’t quick enough and an alarm was raised before he could escape. He was caught. I wasn’t there when he was caught but I was drawn to attention upon seeing the crowd, curiously I went and saw the guy still being beaten.
“He was said to have stolen #8,000 and a chicken (fowl.. can u imagine ). The other suspects are still at large but the guy has provided the address of his accomplice.”

Source: Tori

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