See how Kenyans drag Lupita Nyong’o for campaigning for her father’s election as Governor

Lupita Nyong’o is catching a lot of flak on social media and it is simply because of the Hollywood actress’ open support for her father’s stay in power.

Yesterday, the ’12 Years a Slave’ star took to her social media page to post a heartwarming video – a letter to her father Professor Anyang Nyong’o, narrating the reason why she wants him to be elected as governor. She talked about the changes her father made during his earlier days in power, and noted that she knows her father wants to contribute more. Hence, she is publicly showing support for him.

However, many of her fans, while showing continued loyalty to the actress, have asked her to stay away from Kenyan politics. Some have accused Professor Nyong’o of going for medical care abroad during his time as the Minister for Medical Services, leaving the health sector in shambles. And others have accused the Professor who currently serves as senator for Kisumu County, of not making significant changes during his time as the Minister for Planning & National Development.

Emotions are running high on the actress’ page and we wonder if she will address them. See the video she posted HERE.

And here’s what folks think:


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