Singer Wande Coal enjoying a resurgence with ‘Iskaba’ single

Wande Coal is a once-in-a-lifetime talent. The type that would happen to a country every 40 years, and would last for a very long time. That’s why he distance between his debut album and its follow-up was an eternity.

And although people have their reservations about the quality of his “Wanted” album, no one can deny that it was more of an organizational problem, than a dip in personal talent. Singles ‘Superwoman’ and ‘Ashimapeyin’, show that he is still a god at both ends of the spectrum (dance and emotion).

And while he spent the most part 2016 milking out singles from his project, the second half was crucial. The singer sneaked out two singles, ‘Ballerz’ and ‘Iskaba’. Last November, bot singles were made available online, and a delayed promotion has seen them get videos this year.

Ballerz’ slotted right in with the dance culture of night clubs. It currently serves its purpose on the turntable, getting spins when the party becomes heated.

But for ‘Iskaba’ the trajectory is different. There’s something bigger happening with it.

Produced by Spellz, the record is cut from the growing Tropical House and Dance music that already has the world hooked. Wande Coal brought it home with the simplest songwriting designed for easy assimilation. But the real magic happens once the bridge and chorus comes on.

Watch video here

“Oh no Oh no
girl you dey make me kolo oo
Oh no Oh no
girl you dey make me kolo oo
shaking that ass like kolo
spreading money like kolo
even the beat dey kolo o
Tunez and wande coal go show you

iskelebete iskoloboto
iskelebete iskoloboto
iskelebete iskoloboto
iskelebete iskoloboto”

The key to this all is the slang ‘Isakaba’. Wande Coal has always carried this slang as his personal brain child. He screams it in singles as a signature tag, and drops wherever an opportunity presents itself. No one expected it to stand on its on. It’s like expecting Wizkid to make a song named ‘Yaga’, or Mr Eazi to drop a hit record titled ‘Zaga dat’.

But Wande Coal has done it, and it is a syrupy record that is growing fast.

“To me, it’s like ‘energy’.” The singer told SoundCity FM. “Anytime I say that, I feel I have to do something. Any time I am on Iskaba, I feel like have to kill the jam.”

Well, Wande Coal has killed this jam, and there is more to come. According to sources, he has a new album coming. ‘Iskaba’ will be housed on it, as one of the lead singles of the project. The Black Diamond is enjoying a good ride, and Nigerians are feeling it too.



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