Just like many other countries, SMEs in Nigeria are the engine room of the economy; seeing that they contribute about 50 Percent to the country’s GDP, while 65-70 Percent of the country’s workforce are under these Small and Medium Scale Enterprises.

It is however not surprising to see that a large number of SMEs fail to make it beyond the first five year mark (and some even less) due to their inability to sustain profitability and make adequate preparations for the future.

The Rosabon Emerging Enterprise Fund – REEF by Award Winning Rosabon Financial Services is an all-encompassing business and lifestyle financial solution to help SMEs achieve a reasonable balance between spending on current business purposes and investing in rainy day funds for future business needs.

REEF allows owners of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises -SMEs to make investments against which they earn highly competitive returns whilst being able to access a loan of a certain percent of their investment without any stress or unnecessary long processes characterized with other business loans.

The interest on investment (which can be collected upfront) and business loan if the need arises can be used for working capital needs and business expansion while your investment remains secure for future needs.

Get on the REEF plan today and be a beneficiary of affordable business loans, highly competitive interest rates which can be gotten upfront, access to business seminars specifically designed for SMEs and opportunity to network with entrepreneurs of like minds and so many more.

For more information, visit, send a mail to or call our customer service representatives on 08150880038, 08150880039 (Lagos), 08150991085(Abuja), 08150880082 (P/Harcourt) and 08036485861 (Warri).

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