I Am Totally Sold Out – Actress Omoni Oboli

Beautiful Nollywood producer Omoni Oboli has revealed one of her life’s secret that has kept her on top of her game.

The multilingual and award winning actress who recently produced a movie, Okafor’s Law has made it known that she is totally sold out for Jesus and as a result, she does not have any atom of hate, malice, envy or even bitterness in her.

Speaking about beef, strives and jealousy that has bedevilled the movie industry she said she can never be jealous of anyone’s progress or success because she has filled herself with a lot of positivity and she often prays for everyone because she wished them good.

Well, if all celebrities can have this positive mindset and stop all the beefing, jealousy and controversy, there will be a very massive change in the entertainment industry because no one, organisation or sector can thrive with these negative energies in place.

In her words,”I am totally sold out to Jesus…unashamedly sold out! I have rid myself of all hate, all malice, all envy or bitterness. I only wish good for others. I pray for everyone and I’m never jealous of anyone’s progress or success. I surround myself with positivity”.

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