UK based Nigerian petitions IGP over alleged harassment by FCID, INTERPOL

A Nigerian named Bankole Oni Ogunnowo based in United Kingdom, and his Nigerian based ex-partner, Mercy Adetokunbo Oluwaseyifunmi have appealed to the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris , to stop further harassment and intimidation on their lives by policemen.

Ogunowo, known for his show-biz, organizing beauty pageants and other entertaining events in Nigeria, accused operatives of the Force Criminal Investigations Department , FCID Annex, Alagbon and those of the INTERPOL of constantly intimidating him and his lover over a matter he said had been decided in a United Kingdom Court.

He further urged Idris to restrain the INTERPOL and FCID Alagbon from further intimidation until the  matter which he said was also before a Federal High Court with the suit No FHC /L/CS/210/17,is determined.

Below is Bankole’s full story:

“My name is Bankole Oni Ogunnowo, I am an artist promoter in Nigeria and a beauty pageant producer.

I am contacting you regarding the harassment my family and relatives have been subjected to by some Nigeria police that were been paid by my ex-wife, Eileen Adetokunbo Odumosu and her mother Winifred Odumosu.

Since I joined my ex-wife in the UK through an invitation, she and her mother have been demanding money from me for the invite, which I refused paying for such an invitation letter.

Miss Odumosu and her mother then made threats that they would make sure I get jailed in the UK and have me deported to Nigeria.

They went on to carry out their threat, as she got me kicked out of our family home with the support of the police.

See documents after cut

Tokunbo Odumosu went further to lie to the authority that I practice Voodoo, linking me with OPC in Nigeria, alleging that OPC does Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) sacrifice and that I had intention to kidnap the daughter she had for me to Nigeria so as to carry out the sacrifice.

This matter was investigated by the court in the UK; listed for fact findings in the court, and I won.

The court doubted Tokunbo Odumosu credibility, she went for appeal, but I won (Evidence attached).

In View of this my ex partner who had a daughter and they leave in Nigeria swore an affidavit in Nigeria court to confirm that the daughter she had for me was not subject to FGM and FGM is no more in practice in Nigeria as it’s now against the law.

Tokunbo Odumosu got access to this document and she noticed that she sheared one name as my ex-partner. To our surprise Odumosu sponsor one Akinsola Oyebo to go to the same court where Mercy sworn the affidavit and sworn a counter Affidavit saying that Mercy’s address does not exist and the name on her Affidavit was a fabricated.

Without verifying the identity of the Akinsola, Ondo Police interact this into diary, then send over to the Authority in UK (Evidence attached). Since her address exists, Mercy challenged the Ondo police and they verified her address, which they apologised for error.

Mercy demanded that the Akinsola who sworn the false Affidavit be provided. The Police visited the address she provided, but the said address, Oyebo in Akungba Akoko in Ondo State, does not exist.

To cover up for the Perjury that Akinsola have committed, then Tokunbo Odumosu paid one ASP Atinuke Williams from CID Alagbon close to intimidate, illegaly detain, Harass Mercy and my relatives.

Their allegation is Mercy Adetokunbo Oluwaseyifunmi added Adetokunbo to her name.

They said she did this so as to bring the child she had for me. One wonders how Mercy Adetokunbo Oluwaseyifunmi is the same as Eileen Adetokunbo Omolara Odumosu that now involved Nigeria Police in Abuja and interpol.

They have detained her and made me pay over N150,000 and now making plans to re-arrest her again!

I am aware that the principal of the school where I did my SSCE is also a target because he refused to implicate me, as he was detained at Alagbon for days, where he was asked if I attended the Secondary school. One wonders why this has become a criminal matter that is now been transferred to Abuja.

A petition was sent to the IG through my solicitor and the harassment continues.

Then we had no choice than to go to the Federal High Court to challenge the activities of Nigeria Police Force and an injunction was put in place that Police and their subordinate should stop harassing, inviting and intimidating me, my family and relatives.

It is now a surprise at the rational behind the duplication of the same case between operatives of the INTERPOL and FCID , Alagbon, despite an on going legal tussle, which refrain them from further action.

After this Eleen Adetokunbo Odumosu went further to Nigeria Interpol Under CP Olusola K. Subair, claiming that they are investigating Forgery, Identity Theft, impersonation, false statement, false pretense and conspiracy for the purpose of obtaining a British passport, lodged and Visa.

One wonders what Nigeria Interpol got to do with family/civil matter. This matter has been presented over here in the UK and it was thrown out as a baseless matter.

From source I hear that the petitioner has a connection with the IG.”


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