The untold story of Udo Maryam, the xylophone “wizard”

At the age of three, he was already a chief. At five, he was already a national hero.

Those born before 1990s should know the young boy we used to see on TV screen then, who played Xynophone in the midst of adults in a cultural troup way back.

While playing the xylophone as early as three years old, way back in 1990, he did not know that music would usher him into the world of recognition where he would dine and wine with royalty.

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He is a child of destiny whose path was paved with gold. That little boy who played to the delight of the First Ladies conference in Lagos in 1992, and was subsequently adopted as a son to former President Ibrahim Babangida by his late wife Maryam, is now a grown man!

Ladies and gentleman, give it up for Chief Ofonime Felix Okon (aka Udo Maryam).