2 Things Keeping You From Marriage – A Fan’s Open Letter to Linda Ikeji

The concerned fan wrote below:


Before I start, please note that I am big Linda fan, and I hope she gets to read this. The two things that are stopping her from getting a husband is two major criteria of her in what she wants in man, which are that- He must be richer than her, and that he must love sex.

This two don’t mix. Linda Ikeji is already a multi-millionaire, so if she needs someone richer than her, the person must be a billionaire. This is already in short supply, she now adds that he must also love sex. Men! Where have you seen a billionaire that has energy for the kind of crazy sex Linda is wishing for? I have not seen.

I am not saying billionaires are not promiscuous; they are some out there. But trust me when I say they don’t have time for long sex. They might just have time for 5 minutes of sex, and then back to work. I am sure this is not the kind of man Linda is looking for. The men that love sex and can do all those kinky things I know she fantasize about in her Banana Island mansion are the thousandnaires.

I think she needs to pick one. Get a husband that is richer than her but doesn’t have too much time for sex, or get one that loves sex, but is not as rich as her.


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