Love turned hate : Ex-boyfriend matcheted by New boy friend as they fight over a girl

Love is a beautiful thing but it all turned round for a young man identified as Peace, when he  was macheted after fighting his former lover’s new boyfriend, Divine Ndudim aka Defence, at Amaoba-Ime, Umuahia area of Abia State. They duo were rushed to the Federal Medical Centre (FMC), after a bloody fight over a lady called Felicity Ogechi.

While Peace had his forehead and nose sliced, Ndudim sustained a swollen hand and had internal bleeding. Witnesses are, however, insisting that it was Ndudim’s brother, who attacked Peace with a machete.

He was said to have attacked, after witnessing how Peace used a stick to attack Ndudim because of Ogechi. The incident has plunged the community into shock, with some of the elders saying it is a taboo for two persons from the same village to fight and shed blood.

The taboo is called ‘Erim.’ The consequence of that spilling blood is death; if a spiritual cleansing is not quickly carried out. Peace was Ogechi’s former lover until he turned her to a punching bag.

Ogechi borne the beatings until Peace called it quits between them. It was gathered that several attempts made by Ogechi to start a new relationship always failed because Peace would threaten and sometimes attack every prospective lover.

Ndudim, who just came from Lagos State to the village, saw Ogechi and fell in love with her. Their relationship was already beginning to take root, when Peace heard about it and went after Ndudim, attacking and beating him.

Ndudim bore the beating and humiliation. On that fateful day of the incident, April 22, Peace went to attack Ndudim again, but got more than he bargained for. An eyewitness said

On the eve of April 22, Ndudim was seeing Ogechi off, when Peace suddenly jumped out from the bush and, as usual, pounced on Ndudim. He beat him up. The following morning, Peace saw Ndudim and this time, attacked him with a stick.

Unfortunately, Peace attacked Ndudim in the presence of his brother. The brother ran and returned with a machete and attacked Peace.” Doctors later revealed that Ndudim has internal bleeding and that the blood would have to be sucked out to save his life.

Source: New Telegraph


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