Benue State Governor Empowers Youth With Brand New Wheelbarrows

Governor of Benue State, Governor Samuel Ortom has reportedly empowered the youths of the state with wheelbarrows tyesterday.

Photos of the wheelbarrows have since gone viral on social media with many asking why he has chosen to empower the Youths of Benue State in such way!

Meanwhile, the governor has given his opinion on how to end the farmers-herdsmen crisis in Nigeria. Speaking in Abuja while He said banning of open grazing and the provision of infrastructures for cattle ranching are the only lasting solutions to the crisis between farmers and herdsmen in Nigeria.

“Benue state is an agrarian state – the food basket of the nation – and we have no industries. We have no other means of livelihood except farming so it becomes very tasking to support open grazing and farming together.

“The increase in Nigeria’s population has led to increase in human activities; more road networks, more hospitals, more settlement, more farming etc. And the land is not increasing proportionately.

“For us in Benue state, today, if you go there today, there are no empty lands for grazing. So, when herdsmen come to do open grazing, there is no way, no matter how hard they try to control their animals, (these are animals; they are not human beings) they derail to peoples’ farms and then crisis ensue.

Source: Yabaleftonline


  • Pls someone should ask the governor if that’s all he can desire the youth of the state to be. What a shame. Please he should give his son one and daughter one. Charity begins at home they say.

  • wao l can’t laugh when time for Akuma, he ordered bikes for youth.
    Coming to suswan he ordered pigs for the youth.
    them ortom ordered wheelbarrow ‘s?shame to u oooo

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