Bobrisky says he menstruates monthly, narrates the excruciating pains he goes through..

Cross-dresser Boborisky has declared he’s among the women in the world who observe their monthly period discharge.

The self acclaimed King of Snapchat took to his account to curse out at “Guys” who claims likes him without giving him some cash.

He wrote: “Imagine I’m going through hard pain here… one idiot will now tell me he/she likes me without giving me some dollars. I will swear for you”.

He also ranted about the intimacy in relationships, He says he supports the notion that ladies should demand from cash from their partners after some rounds of intercourse. He wrote:

“I was arguing with some guys three days ago… When the guy said girls should bill them for sex …Because the two party enjoy it. And my response was that what if the girl don’t need you. You were the one who like her so you need to spend on her.”

Then he made a shocking revelation that got us all confused. He said:

“I will go through pain while trying to look good for you. I won’t ear what I like just because I want to keep my shape for you. My monthly period comes with so much pain. While drilling me on bed I’m going through pain probably because your d is too big.

He continued:

“With all this I mentioned yet you will tell me I won’t charge you. Story for the God. I you can’t pay move to a cheaper girl. Period no be by force.”

We are all confused. Do cross-dressers menstruate too?


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