If you are 35 years old or younger and you grew up in Nigeria, you most likely have heard this phrase there are no jobs available all the time.

If you are still in school, you are probably wondering would things change before I leave, or how do I make sure I buck the trend and not stay unemployed.

If you are done with school and youth service, you have already seen the reality of it.

We have spent so many years blaming the government and if I speak on that again, I would just be belabouring the point. Solutions are just what we need now and not more analysis of the problem. Richard Quest tweeted this while in Nigeria,


In this short statement, it just shows that in Nigeria, when it comes to people (especially youths) succeeding, we play by a different set of rules. We have to be resilient to achieve our goals or sometimes even just to survive.

That brings me to the world of programming, why should we take it seriously? For one, all you need to start is a computer system (you don’t need to purchase big textbooks or seek out a massive loan to purchase raw materials for it, it kind of changes how we view the factors of production that we were taught in high school economics; Land, Labour, Capital) and if you are able to build the right product, you can easily make a lot of money.

In more developed countries, people of different ages have taken a lot of advantage of this particular fact. Look at how Uber changed the way the taxi industry operated, it took just one application. You also have the facebook’s, the google’s, whatsapp’s, instagram’s, snapchat’s e.t.c. they have changed the outlook of things too. Applications that we all majorly enjoy today and are also worth billions of dollars.

It’s time to learn to code and build that application you have been thinking about, who knows, yours might just be the next big thing.

So welcome to Qwery Academy where we teach you how to program by building actual products, making you a double threat as you can build products for people for a fee and also build products for yourself.


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