Drug Agency arrests Nigerian arrested with 50 capsules of cocaine in Malta

A court in Malta has remanded a Nigerian drug dealer in prison custody until it decides on his sentence.

Uchenna Onyema was arrested after Malta authorities discovered 50 capsules of cocaine in his St Paul’s Bay hotel room during a raid.

According to Times of Malta, the capsules were discovered in circumstances indicating that they were not intended for his personal use.

Onyema, 49, appeared before magistrate Francesco Depasquale over his involvement in the trafficking of cocaine.

Onyema, who gave his profession as “security guard” pleaded guilty to charges of complicity in the importation of cocaine, as well as the importing and possession of the drug.

The court solemnly warned the accused of the consequences of pleading guilty to the charges. Onyema proceeded to confirm his plea of guilt.

The court noted the admission and ordered the records and exhibits of the inquiry to be transmitted to the Attorney General.

The accused sat with his head bowed and hands clasped in the dock as the court issued its decree.

“Mr Onyema, in view of the fact that your accusations are of a certain gravity, the court cannot deliver judgment itself but this must be delivered by the criminal court…You will remain in custody until that final judgment is delivered,” the magistrate said.


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