Heartless Man Beats His Ex-girlfriend to Stupor, Locks Her Up in His Car Boot to Die (Photos)

A woman who was seriously beaten and battered by the ex-lover before being forced into the boot of a car has been rescued.

A woman has escaped death after her ex-lover battered her then forced her into the back of her own car boot. The woman was nearly baked alive in her own 60C car boot before she was rescued.
According Sun UK, the woman had been getting a lift to work with Khun Narong, 40, yesterday morning in Surat Thani province, southern Thailand. But the couple began arguing and Narong allegedly stabbed her in the neck before hauling her out of the passenger seat and dragging her to the boot.
The twisted ex is said to have slammed the hood shut, locked it and disappeared with the key.
Meanwhile she was left bleeding and suffocating in sweltering heat as temperatures outside reached 38C. But the temperature inside the boot is believed to have passed 60C and the woman was facing a horrible death.
Residents heard the 37-year-old woman’s muffled cries for help from the white Mazda just after 10am and alerted the authorities.
Locals prized open the boot with a metal gardening instrument – finding her inside with a flicker of life having been inside for nearly two hours. When the woman, who police would not name, slowly came round she told her rescuers: “You found me, I was praying somebody would find me, I had given up, thank you, thank you.”
Rescue workers from the Surat Rescue Charitable Trust arrived and rushed her to hospital where she recounted the ordeal to police.
Officers tracked down ex-boyfriend Narong who was arrested at remanded in custody while an investigation was launched. Lt. Nuttawutdej from Surat Thani police, who is leading the investigation, said: “The woman was found inside the car which had been locked tightly.
“We noted she had suffered cuts and bruises after being assaulted and attacked. She had a knife wound to the neck.

“The incident happened while they were driving to work together on the morning of May 7.

“Her ex-lover Mr Narong has been detained.

“Investigators have been assigned to this case and the interrogation is continuing.’’

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