“I Was Hungry, Mad and asked myself what are you doing here,” singer Asa talks about struggle to stardom

The journey to success is never easy and that was the case of multi-talented singer, songwriter, and recording act, Asa. The Jailer singer had revealed the struggles she encountered just to land her first audition in France.

In a just concluded concert which took place on Saturday night at EKO Hotel & Suites, Lagos, Asa granted an interview where she narrates her story.

In her words;

“When I first got to France, I used to sing and play my guitar at bars. One day, someone walked up to me and told me about a band that had just won a Grammy saying I could audition.

So I went there, got there on time (that is a problem for me) in the cold. I had just come from Lagos without warm clothes.

I got there and they told me to wait that they were rehearsing for their show and I waited 10 hours.

I was hungry, mad and was asking myself what are you doing here, why don’t you just leave. They had finished and they were packing up and someone remembered that I was outside.

I was invited to sing and I put all that emotion, all the sadness, pain and anger in the song. On the day of their show, they gave me two minutes to perform, I got signed and my first album was released.

If I had left that day, I don’t know what would have happened.”


Patience is a virtue!!!

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