Jackie Appiah Divorces Her Husband After 3 Years Of Marriage

For many Ghanaians, this week is such a horrible one, reading all sorts of sad news everywhere. For Nollywood industry, NSB reported the death of Nollywood Veteran Pete Eneh but for Ghollywood industry, it’s reported by a reliable source that the Ghanaian female movie star, Jackie Appiah marriage has definitely ended. This must be terrible news for the top award winning movie star fans. The actress has one lovely son out of the estranged marriage.

Although NX cannot confirm who actually ended the marriage or what caused the collapse of the star’s marriage, it’s reported that the star is happier today than she was when married. Is this possible? Once upon a time, we were in love but now we are better apart. Is love really not enough in certain circumstances, even in marriage? The very one thing or element which lead to marriage can probably be the same thing…`you can finish the sentence’

Well, one man’s poison is another man’s meat…remember that

Source: Youtube



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