JAMB Deducts 100 Marks From Scores Of Candidates Caught Cheating On CCTV

Jamb Has Just announced that they have released results for candidates who wrote their exams on the 15th of May 2017.

While some candidates are eager to check theirs, other have been warned after JAMB sent out series of text messages to some defaulters alerting them that 100 marks were deducted from their total marks because they were caught on CCTV Cheating.

A screenshot which was shared on Social Media shows, that indeed JAMB deducted 100 marks each from 2 different candidate’s total score.

In the first screenshot, a First message from JAMB which was sent to the candidate on the 6th of April, reads:

“Kindly check your JAMB profile email address to get to know your Centre and time for the Mock test Scheduled to hold on Saturday 8th April, 2017.”

While the candidate was waiting for his results to be uploaded by JAMB. He got this Text Message that threw him off his feet. It reads:

“Dear Candidate CCTV Camera Indicate That You Were Involved in Malpractice JAMB Deducted 100 mark from your score thank you.”

See both screenshots below:

Screenshot from another candidate below:

Source: Yabaleftonline


  • Any centre that has allowed students to cheat in the on going Jamb exams explicitly or implicitly should be banned and the owner charged to court.
    Jamb should sign agreement with any center being used as cbt.Centers where students are found cheating connotes that such center have been classified as special centers implicitly and the owner might have used his surrogates to collect money secretly to help.
    Enough is enough of applicants being gullible.parents should be encouraging their children to study and not looking for special centers or attempting to look for negative means for their children to pass.
    Jamb registrar should tell us the level of transparency after the conduct of the exams with respect to Jamb staff.

  • I wouldn’t say I know much but the message isn’t real since this jamb started they don’t pass any information to you through your SMS rather they send it via your email. So don’t be frightened people.

  • We cry out seriously!!!!! We call on all prospective candidate who fail tha cut offmark of jamb this year from 150 to 170 should please pass this message till senate see this message…. Jamb should either add mark or reduce the cut offmark for us to secure addmission this year because we rilly suffer during our jamb registration and later we fail, this cannot be possible wallahi…. Please pass this message if you are backing for this jamb stuff of lower score #istandwith add mark or reduce the cut offmark ☝ߏ뢘ݰߏ뢘ݰߏ뢹 jamb candidate 2017

  • jamb should please add mark for some of use…..cause they was no time…like me my time was runing, i can’t even read some of my questions i just answer it without reading because of the time…..PLEASE HELP ME

  • Did you guys hear the news? It was said that jamb deducted 100marks from all students who wrote on Tuesday 16th of May 2017 because they caught some cheating. And they are still denaing it. A friend of mine checked his result on Thursday seeing 263,on getting to the cyber cafe to print it he was shocked to see 163. I didn’t cheat so why would they remove my 100mark, I know exactly what I got, why am I scoring 189 when I answered my eng, Chem & Bio correctly. PLS GIVE ME BACK MY SCORE i’m not a cheat.

  • by the power of God jamb shall give us back the score we need in Jesus name if you believe say amen and God will do it

  • Innocent student should not be punished for what they did’t do please they should add the 100marks back.

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