What Jim Iyke Plans To Do To His Sisters Is Shocking

Nollywood veteran actor, Jim Iyke who is the only boy in a family of about 5 girls recently took to Instagram to lament on how his sisters kept him waiting on an empty stomach and how he planned to teach them a lesson.

The father of one wrote; ‘Ystd my sisters accused me of being too busy. So today I asked them to invite their friends and i’d take them somewhere nice for dinner. I’ve been sitting like a ‘stepchild’ on this big ass lounge for over an hour and half while those 5 girls upstairs switch outfits, argue about make up and call out every 20 mins ‘we’ll be ready soon!’.
I know it looks like I’m sulking (And I am! No shame in it) but I’m also hatching a plan to teach these mean chics a lesson. Gon order the most expensive meals on the menu plus take away and disappear leaving the bill. I know y’all think I’m being petty AF I don’t care. I’m half starved and what they’re doing is Meanness in high places. #BasedOnLogistics it’s an eye for an eye. Hehehehe! ☻☠ #TheyGonLearnToday #WhyWomenLikeThatTho #TheirTimingHorrible #TheyPickedAWrongDayToMessWithMe #PettySunday #TheyBetterHvTissuesForTears #TheyGonDonateTheirDesignerOutfitsOrWashDishes #GladysGirls #PettySundayChronicles’

Source: Instagram