Krystal Okeke Bags World Class Beauty Queen Award (Photos)

Miss Illinois USA Universal, Krystal Okeke Bags World Class Beauty Queen Award As She Graduates With Flying Colour(Photos)

Miss Illinois USA Universal 2016, Krystal Okeke has finally graduated from Praire State College with first degree in Mass Communication and a major in TV/ Radio Broadcast. The lanky beauty queen had been enrolled in two University institutions with the help of Duel degree program (Governor State University /Praire State College). The citadel of learning are the two most competitive schools ranking best in the state of illinois.

Queen Krystal who already works as a journalist earned a 4.0 GPA as she graduated a honor role after years of putting in hard work. She hopes to become a Attorney in the long run. It is worthy to note also that recently, this Super Model /Beauty Queen was named and awarded the prestigious title of World Class Beauty Queen 2017. Krystal is known for her continuous humanitarian works with the less privileged in the United State of America.

Within the Summer, Her Majesty  Krystal Okeke would be visiting her home of Origin
Nigeria- Contact her Publicist AlexReport or directly for any interviews or booking!‎


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