Man Drags Two Large Snakes on the Streets Chanting Incantations in Broad Daylight…Find Out Why | Photos

A man has been spotted dragging two large snakes on the street in broad daylight while chanting incantations, as local residents scamper for their safety.

A man who was spotted dragging big snakes in the streets in the broad daylight on Sunday, brought a Mabvuku town, a high density suburb, some 17 km east of Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe to a standstill as local residents witnessed a rare sight.
It was gathered online that the residents were frightened after an unidentified man was spotted as he walked the streets whilst holding two snakes and and chanting some incantations.
According to Reports, the man’s intentions have not been known yet but some witnesseses claim that the man was told by a prophet that it was the only way he would be able to rid himself of the snakes which always came to disturb him at night because they were passed down to him by his late father.
Residents were seen running away from the man and scampering to safety as he approached them with the snakes.

Source: Tori