Memoirs of an #AfricanBusinessTraveller

Welcome to the first installment, I look forward to have fun with you on my journey and make it even more pleasurable with freebies and gifts. The first comes from Lufthansa German Airline with up to $500 discount codes on ticket purchases. See details at the end and link in my bio if you are too impatient :).

I had just got back from Abidjan and Liberia when I got a call that I had to be in Kenya in two days. I had looked forward to spending the next three days in Lagos before heading to the UK for my speaking engagement at the Said Business School, Oxford but not anymore. I spoke to a friend and mentor who was also billed to speak at the same conference and (thankfully) he said ‘Hey, come ride with me on my plane’. Cool, I thought. So I would return from Nairobi on Friday morning to catch three meetings in Lagos then jump back on his plane at 6 p.m. to arrive London by 11 p.m. ahead of the conference in the morning. Seemed like a good plan.

On Wednesday, I got a text ‘Hey, Sorry, I’ve had to go to London today to be back tomorrow. Won’t be making the conference anymore’. He offered to get me back in on Thursday but I won’t arrive Nigeria till Friday. Shoot! I reached out to my friend, Shade Ladipo of Avienti Travels and in conjunction with my office, they set out to find me an itinerary that was affordable (Important much ☺) and will get me there in good time. After a few hours, I received tickets for Lufthansa.

I hadn’t flown Lufthansa for about six years but I still remember the very professional service I received the last time except for the quite unfriendly lady at a restaurant in Frankfurt; I had missed my connecting flight and they put me back on for free. Six years after and the people are much nicer, everyone seemingly going about their business with courtesies as necessary.

Leaving Lagos, the check in was smooth and easy with the usual dedicated desk for business travelers and a concierge assistant of some sort. The lounge, except for the spiral staircase, was calm and comfortable – something quite important to me.  On my trip four days prior, I had the option of the SDS lounge which I hear has a lot of food (I won’t say great food as I haven’t tried it) or another lounge that was quiet and peaceful with little or no food.  I took the bold step to take a peep in the SDS lounge and the chaos that hit me sent me straight into the latter.

The lounge, though not a Lufthansa exclusive, attracted a high profile clientele and good array for nibbles and drinks. My flight was 11:50 and in my usual style I left the lounge at 11:25. ‘They can’t leave me’, I always tell myself.  The flight is obliged to make three announcements of my name and as far as I get there before 15 minutes to departure, I am very alright else they get a lawsuit. ☺

In true business fashion, the seats were compact and straight up but soon as we took off, I activated the stretch buttons and it sucked me in like a new duvet. I received the menu and was excited by the items listed. A seafood dinner looked like a good idea but before I could say Jack Robinson, the comfort of the seats overpowered me and not only did I miss dinner, I missed breakfast. Beat that! I woke up to the voice announcing ‘We are now descending…’ Seafood dinner gone. My first thought was ‘Lufthansa has to pay me back for missed meals’ but I have to admit, the sleep was restful. I had been slightly dizzy and shaken before boarding (the several connecting flights seemed to have been taking a toll) that I considered even cancelling the trip but somehow I woke up energized.

We arrived Frankfurt and I proceeded straight to the lounge which was right at my gate. Took a long hot shower (I never understand lounges that don’t have showers) and changed clothes as I had to head straight to the conference soon as we land london. I’m sure no one would have noticed the change since I came out looking almost the same except the fresh smell from the bathroom gel trying to overpower my perfume.

I settled for a small slice of wheat bread, jam, some scrambled eggs, a banana and a latte macchiato with a shot of espresso. Ready, set, go! We strolled back on board to London.  I find Lufthansa’s stopovers to be impressively short hence the business-like nature of the lounge and many of their services. The flight from Frankfurt to the UK is about 40 minutes and we were there in no time.

On this travel blog, I’ll bring you freebies and gifts to aid your travel.

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See you soon!


Your #AfricanTraveller.


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