Most men won’t tolerate what I’ve overlooked for 7 years- Mercy Aigbe’s husband, Gentry finally speaks out

Actress, Mercy Aigbe’s estranged husband, Lanre Gentry, has insisted that he has not been beating his wife as people are painting him to have been doing.

According to Lanre, he had shown her love and support in the last seven years despite some unbelievable things he had seen her do and endure for the sake of keeping the marriage and her image intact.

“Would she have been in my house for 7 years if I beat her? I don’t know why she pulled such a picture stunt but I know the person that rented the house for her and the pictures and all are just stunts to paint me bad and gain sympathy. You know where Mercy was before I married her and in 7 years, I think I have tried but she has other ideas and most of the things that I take from her, most men wouldn’t take it and I hope she won’t allow me to talk if she keeps smearing my name. I am trying to be calm because I don’t want to use my hand destroy what I help create,” he told BON.Image result for mercy aigbe and husband

Mercy Aigbe is reportedly pressing charges against her husband for battery and assault. She has not said a word on the issue till this moment even though she was alleged to have personally leaked pictures of her battered face and her domestic violence story to the media.


  1. The day a man marries a promiscuous woman is the day the start to know no rest in his life because if she doesn’t kill herself she will kill the man. This is a clear case Mercy is using the saga as a cover up to dump Lanre for another man and in order to save her head she’s using this to gain mercy from Nigerians so as to support her promiscuity.

  2. I don’t understand what this industry is turning into why is it that some celebrities can’t keep their marriage intact I still don’t get it,question you should ask yourself is that why did you both got married at first, for crying out loud you guys have kids together what lesson are you teaching them and those looking up to you,its not good I don’t find it funny!!