Nigerian Lady Accuses Tunde Ednut Of Sending A Fake “d*ck Pic”

Earlier today, a Nigerian lady took to twitter to accuse singer, Tunde Ednut of sending her D *ck pics he allegedly took from google.

“ Tunde Ednut is the most sex-starved f – list celebrity inNigeria.. Somebody tell him to stop sending other men ’s dick pics to young women . It ’s disgusting, ” said the Nigerian woman who tweets from the handle @barristeroz.

Asked to reconfirm her claims, the lady alleged that the singer had harassed her with the pics in 2015 and was now doing the same with her unnamed sister . “ If the dickshots were his, that’d be a different thing entirely. But he’s saving dick shots off the internet and dishing out to
women, ” said the lady.

Source: Twitter


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