Nigerian Soldier Beats the Hell Out of Civilian, Forces Him Inside Dirty Water | Photo

A sad and shocking photo has caused controversy online after an unruly Nigerian soldier was spotted humiliating a civilian in Lagos state.

A Nigerian soldier has stirred controvery online after he was caught red-handed brutalizing a civilian and forcing him inside dirty water in Lagos state.
The now trending photo was posted by popular Nigerian comedian,  Ali Baba who wondered why the Nigerian Army would treat such brutality of civilians with kid gloves. In the photo the military man could be seen stepping on a civilian in a puddle, whip in hand, while a crowd of shocked onlookers watched.
“Bloody civilian! How dare you challenge an officer. And after investigation, it would be an #unknownSoldier. Bloody civilian,” he wrote as caption to the post.
The photo appears to have been taken near the rail track in front of the Nigeria Army Shopping Arena, Oshodi, Lagos.
See reactions below:
“And see the so called soldier self? That’s how with primary school certificate they would be insulting professors and people’s whose taxes pay their salary, this is one major issue with Africa. We arm thugs and people with the lowest thinking capacity and we expect them to act rationally, if there’s any reason for staying away from Nigeria, it’s the people we have armed to protect us, police, army and the rest that have been given guns, worse thing is legislators don’t see anything wrong with it.”
“People should rise up against these people, the i mind my own business mentality is what’s killing us.”
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“The only reason why my fellow man will do this to me is because he is ‘strapped’. Otherwise, whoever you are, I will wrestle you! And probably mess you up before your colleagues arrive!”
“#bloodycivilian only when you are ignorant of your fundamental human rights. These armed animals would mess you up.”

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