Nigerians, Are You Not Tired Of Schooling?(A must read)

In a nutshell, are you not tired of schooling? Wake up 6:30, pray, brush, have your bath, then you rush down for MTH 101, sit down and gist with your colleagues?

Then the lecturer comes in and keep ranting all in the name of teaching, all in a most noisy environment without a credible sound system.

After that, you rush down to the class room, you either meet the lecturer in, or you have to wait for him, if you meet him in, he either sends you out or ignore you as you sneak in, then you sit for an hour or two as the main man dictates or explains or ramble words from a note he has earlier rehearsed.

Then you wait for one or more lecture, before you actually find your way back home, or wait to play with your friends and charge your phone.

In all this, it is either you have eaten or not, research has it that almost 72% of undergraduates go to school with empty stomach. I really wonder how student cope with receiving lectures without eating, due to the fact that I find it hard to comprehend anything if I am hungry in class.

This circle goes on till you finally get to 400 or 500l, and when you graduate, then reality hits you like a bitch.

My brothers and sisters, when you graduate, that is when you will understand that your certificate is just some piece of paper with inscriptions, however it could make or mar you, but the chances that you will excel based on that paper is slim, like the camel’s eye passing through a needle, you might even graduate with a first class honors, or your lecturers might have bastardized your result disregarding all the efforts you took that has been earlier stated, (they will still tell you that you didn’t read enough), companies might reject you, you might fail interviews, you might not even find a job in your field, you might go back to the streets, you might be an handsome, soft spoken, well dressed, professional okada rider.

Some of you will find a job, and yet loose happiness, you are on a 9 to 5, you loose your life, your smile, your joy, your quiet time, your piece of mind, your will, your freedom, your personal time, the love of your life, and those 419 banks will pay you a whooping, big, hefty sum of #50 thousand monthly, and if you are into law, which is the mother of professions, you might even end under the bridge printing affidavits.

The reality is this, once all you do as an undergraduate is all I mentioned earlier on, you are finished from the beginning. As for me, I am tired of schooling, I want to get educated, I have learnt more from myself than I will ever learn from any professor, my brain manufacture ideas, I think beyond the four walls of a dungeon called classroom, I reason beyond the medulla oblongata and notes of a trainee called a lecturer, I want to invent, invest, build, support, manufacture, produce, I want to practicalize my ideas, I want to be big, I aim higher than any motivational speaking, I can relate with myself and make something big of myself, if they can do it..

Why can’t I?

If they can make it?

Why can’t I?

I refuse to be a robot, I want my voice heard, the truth is this, I AM TIRED OF SCHOOLING, I WANT TO BE EDUCATED.

Written by:- by Ogundimu Samuel Olajide (LLB, intends)


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