Norwegian Prince Breaks Protocol as He Dabs at Royal Birthday Celebration | Photos

Young Prince Sverre Magnus left many people cheering after he broke protocol to dab at the royal birthday celebration.
A Norwegian Prince has been pictured breaking protocol as he dabs on the royal balcony during celebrations for the King and Queen’s birthday, Sun UK revealed.
The young Prince Sverre Magnus, 11, briefly stopped waving to the crowds and instead pulled a dance move – causing giggles from his cousins before one knocked him back in line.
His antics endeared him to the people who had gathered as they cheered him on.
The incident took place last night at the balcony of Oslo’s Royal Palace. The youngster was there among the pomp and ceremony laid on for King Harald and Queen Sonja’s 80th birthdays. He followed this by pulled silly faces as he amused his cousins while they stood with their grandparents.
His father, Prince Haakon, also appears to be a prankster as he left diners slightly confused at the gala dinner in honour of his parents. During the meal he slipped away to shave off his beard and sat back down clean shaven – apparently as part of the entertainment.
Prince Sverre has been caught on camera pulling faces before as last year he was captured yawning and picking his nose during the Norwegian Constitution Day celebrations in Oslo. And then a month later he was pictured pulling a grumpy face as he sipped juice during his grandparents’ coronation anniversary celebrations.
Sverre is the younger child of Crown Prince Haakon and third in line to succeed his grandfather, King Harald V, who turns 80 this year.

Source: Tori


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