OAP Who Allegedly Embezzles Joke Silva’s Donation To Bomb Victim Revealed

Radio Nigeria 103.5FM OAP Abigail Gogo faces allegations of cornering a “small” amount of money Nigerian celebrity Joke Silva donated to a bomb victim on live radio.

Silva was on Abigail’s show in August last year when Joy Musa, who lost four children, her husband, and brother in a herdsmen attack in Jos, called in to open up on her predicament.

Touched by the story, Silva reportedly handed N50,000 to Abigail instructing her to give it to Joy Musa.

The bomb victim, who recently attempted suicide in despair, is yet to get the money.


WATCH: The plight of Joy Musa

“Joy Musa need to write to apply for the money before she can collect it,” Abigail told Newsroom three months ago after Kayode Olatunji, chairman of the Bomb Victims Association of Nigeria (BVAN), alerted Newsroom to the situation.

Joy Musa, who is about to be thrown out of where she’s staying with her two remaining kids, told Newsroom she needed the money for her upkeep. But it’s been eight months and she’s yet to get it.

“I can’t write but I have been to Radio One on two occasions and they refused to listen to even look at me,” she told us.

When we asked Abigail why Radio One “snubbed” Joy Musa, she told us she (Abigail) was on vacation the times Joy Musa came calling. She insisted the money was with Radio One management and that the bomb victim must write an application letter before the cash could be released.

“I work for a government station, under bosses that I take instructions from,” Abigail told Newsroom today.

“If it were only for me, she would have had that money since but that money must be given to her by the station and we need approvals for that.

“We are seeing our general manager for this same issue by tomorrow.

“Joke Silva specifically instructed me not to pay into a personal account but into a hospital account but as it is now, the station will give her the cash donation and that will be it.

“I wanted to ask for airtime from my station to raise more fund to add up to the N50,000 given by Joke Silva so that Joy will not call and interrupt our programmes again.

“But by Thursday she will be given the money and I will have nothing to do with her anymore.

“I will give her (Joy Musa) the N50,000 on Thursday and that will be it,” she said.

We contacted Joke Silva to ask if she instructed Abigail to pay the money into a hospital bank account and not hand it directly to Joy. She’s was yet to reply our messages as at the time we posted this story.

WhatsApp wahala

About a week ago, Joy Musa, who has been carrying a gunshot wound since the Jos attack, finally applied to receive the money. While returning from Radio One, the vehicle she boarded had a minor accident that almost ruined her other leg.

Joy Musa needs about N3 million for a final surgery on her leg so she could walk again and support her children who have since dropped out of school. She also needs money for accommodation. She is squatting, with her two remaining children, at an apartment in Oregun, Lagos, where the landlord has threated to throw her out this week.

After Olatunji started piling pressure on Abigail to get the N50,000 released, the OAP opened a WhatsApp group and added celebrities urging them to raise N3 million for the woman and her children. Unfortunately, some of the celebs – including comedian Kofi and popular OAP Yaw – used the platform to promote their own content.

Abigail deleted the group today. Her decision to do so didn’t go down well with Olatunji who criticised the OAP for holding unto Joy Musa’s money.

See screen shots…

Abigail levels accusations on Joy Musa, announces WhatsApp group would be deleted.

Olatunji blasts Abigail

Abigail removes Olatunji and Joy Musa from group.

The OAP also removed celebs from the group.


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