OMG! Meet 2-year Old Indonesia Boy Who Smoked 40 Cigarettes In A Day

An Indonesia boy Aldi Rizal could possibly have his name in the prestigious Guinness Book of Records for being the youngest chain smoker, incredibly smoking up to 40 cigarettes a day when he was just 2-years old. Indonesia Boy

The good news health authorities swiftly intervened and now Aldi has been put on a rehabilitation program to quit his strange habit. Fortunately, he managed to successfully undergo the transformation in 2013.

Aldi’s mother, 32-year-old Diane Rizal, recalled: “At first when we were weaning Aldi off the cigarettes he would have terrible tantrums. But now he doesn’t want them.” However, a side effect of Aldi quitting smoking was an addiction to food. Aldi developed a huge appetite and soon weighed a whopping 24kg when he was just five years old.

Source: Bonogist


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