Police arrests 3 gang members for killing Nigerian based in London

A Nigerian living in London identified as Tobi Animashaun, was murdered in the city following the murder the killers have been jailed. The killers were identified as 23-year-old Jeremiah Lloyd Johnson, 22-year-old Codie Goodensimms and 22-year-old Antoin Gray.
The three guys involved in the killing were sentenced on Wednesday, May 10 after being tried for eight weeks at Old Bailey.
The deceased was said to have gone to his place of work on Sunday, September 11, 2016. He had closed around 19:45 when three cars belonging to the young men parked outside the gates of a depot.
Witnesses revealed that he was approached by one of the guys who wanted to know if he was still part of ‘Road Life’. Afterwards, they attacked him with different weapons and eventually stabbed him many times. Animashaun had been wounded in the stomach and heart.
One of the guys threatened members of the public as they hurt the poor Nigerian guy. They left in their cars after which the wounded man was taken to the hospital. As much as the medical staff tried saving his life, the young man died the following morning. The autopsy report carried out showed that the knife wounds sustained in the heart and stomach caused his death.
The investigation launched by police operatives revealed that the attack was gang related. It was discovered that the deceased was a member of a rival gang. There had been a history of violence between the rival gangs. Forensic evidence gotten at the scene of the incident made it possible for the attackers to be arrested.
Johnson and Goodensimms were arrested initially in connection to the murder In September. Gray was also arrested in October. Sergeant Steve Keogh of Met’s Homicide confirmed the incident.
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