Police kills female gangster in gun fire attack

It was the end of the road for a female gangster identified as Clea Addi Vybz who was shot dead during a contest of gun shots between the gangsters and the police .The female gangster was killed by police officers on May 9.

The mother of one and wife of a fellow gangster was shot dead in Kayole estate in Nairobi, Kenya after exchange of gun fire ensued between a group of gangsters and the police.

Police said that the woman, referred by local residents as Nairobi ‘prettiest gangster’, was in company of three other female colleagues when they were robbing Kayole residents in broad daylight.

Police confronted the four after an alert by the public, ordered them to surrender, but the gang declined and decided to engage the police in a gun fight. Two of the suspects were killed during the incident while the other two escaped.

A pistol was seized at the scene of crime with six rounds of ammunition. The bodies of the two were taken to the city mortuary where they await identification and postmortem.

The deceased is said to be part of the gang that has terrorized the residents of the famous estate for years. She had participated in various robbery operations  and always accompanied her husband, who is in hiding, carrying and ferrying weapons.

For years, the lady has managed to escape from the hands of the police, but her proverbial forty days county came to an end when she was killed during the fierce firing battle with the police.

According to Kayole OCPD Joseph Gichangi, the gang was hard to track but the police responded swiftly after they were alerted through a WhatsApp group. Gichangi said that police were able to ask for adequate reinforcement before they came head on with the deadly gang that has killed many in Kayole and environs.

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