Security Guard Beaten and Arrested for Stealing Food From His Boss’ Refrigerator | Photos

A security man has been mercilessly beaten and assaulted after he broke into his boss’ kitchen to steal food.
A security guard has regained his freedom after he was beaten mercilessly and locked up by the police for stealing food from his boss’ refrigerator.
The security man identified as Joseph Timothy was released and his case closed after the CEO of Behind Bars Initiative, Prince Gwamnishu Harrison decided to help him.
The security man had acted out of hunger and was being abused and treated less than a human by an inconsiderate and heartless boss who enjoyed tormenting him by refusing to pay him his salary.
Harrison wrote: “Joseph like any other Gate man was been owned Salary by his Boss. The Boss traveled and Joseph was hungry. He then sort for alternative and broke his Boss Kitchen door and stole some food and ate. His Boss returned from travel discovered that his Kitchen door was damaged and the soup he kept in refrigerator stolen.
“Joseph been the only Person at home was the first person to ask. Joseph didn’t deny stealing food from his Boss. His Boss alerted his neighbors and Joseph was beaten and handed over to the Nigeria Police.
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“God bless Nigeria Police”

Source: Tori