See Daddy Freeze’s Response To Twitter User Who Made Statement About Using Condoms

I wonder what the psychological state of Onyekachi would be after seeing this response from Daddy Freeze on his comment – he had recently, sent in a tweet on his opinions about using condoms.

Onyekachi says using condoms is a sign that one is sleeping with whom he/she is not supposed to sleep with (See tweet below) – well, Daddy Freeze, has some words of wisdom for him… hope he takes it well.

Freeze Responds

Daddy Freeze:

Making statements like these, is a sign that a ‘smartphone’ is in the hands of a ‘not so smart’ person.

What a vacuous and uninformed tweet, probably borne out of listening to too many yahoo boy pastors anointed with engine oil.

What about couples on family planning? Or a couple where the man survived Ebola but it remains in his semen for up to 8months? Have you heard that some women are allergic to their legally married husband’s semen? Do you know other birth control methods are not tolerated by many wives? Are such couples going to feel guilty because a moron was gifted a smartphone and 10mb free data? Continue…

How about a man having sex with a street prostitute without using a condom, is that a sign that he is having sex with a person he is, ‘supposed to be having sex with’?

Please ignore pedestrian statements made by clowns like these, beleaguered by the strangulating effect of a proletariat mindset, as they only speak out of their overwhelming cretinous bigotry. ~FRZ


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