See what a Nigerian guy asked President Buhari to do with Bobrisky

A social media user named Tony Tida Tmg is at it again after he went viral some days back after his hilarious comment on a North Korean post, pleading with the North Korean government to target his uncle after he sold their family land.

Now the young Nigerian is attempting to go viral for a second time, as he is coming for Nigerian King of Snapchat, Bobrisky.

Bobrisky’s new photo was posted on Facebook, and the guy’s comment has got everyone in stitches.

He said: “I always thought Bobrisky is totaly useless but just until last night i thought to myself nd realised he can still be very useful….. Nigeria will sell him to North Korea so that they can use him to Test their Nuclear war poison..this business would really go along way helping us out of recession😒”




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