See how strippers suffer DIARRHEA onstage at nightclub

A popular strip club has closed after several of the dancers suffered violent diarrhea onstage after eating ‘bad shrimp’ from a free buffet at the venue.
Customers started puking after they noticed a ‘bad smell’ and saw a ‘stream of brown liquid gush over the stage’ at the X-rated joint in Jacksonville, Florida, last Friday.

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Three dancers were performing on separate poles when the cramps struck and they were reportedly forced to run to the toilets, with some even defecating in the sink.

‘At first I picked up a bad smell – I thought maybe the guy next to me had farted,’ one unnamed witness told the Border Herald.
‘However, the smell got worse and I noticed that a lot of other guys were looking around to see what it was.’
Then the first dancer defecated onstage at around 11pm, the witness claimed.

It was absolutely disgusting and a number of guests immediately puked,’ they said.

The other dancers onstage were also forced to leave the stage and run to the toilets soon after.
The customer claimed they had a hard time getting off the stage, adding:

‘High heels and diarrhea really don’t mix.’

Florida strippers suffer DIARRHEA

The club, which has not been named, has been closed until further notice.

The cause of the illness is being investigated but initial reports have linked it to a dodgy buffet at the club.

Staff and customers ate from a free buffet, which included a selection of deep-fried shrimp, chicken and ribs, according to local media.

One insider said they believed the shrimp may not have been cleaned thoroughly enough.

Some of the customers also reportedly contracted diarrhea and cleaners were reportedly hired to deal with the mess in the men’s toilets.

Cleaning staff were said to have been shocked at the state of the urinals.

The venue’s management has reportedly offered free entry to any guests who were at the club on Friday night, in compensation.

The free buffet will also not be served until further notice, it was reported.

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