Thugs Smash Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star With a Toilet | Photo

The Hollywood Walk of Fame Star of America’s controversial president, Donald Trump, has been targeted again by critics.

US president, Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood walk of Fame has been vandalized a couple of times in the past and it seems that the vandals are not ready to be back down anytime soon.
The president’s star got hit again but this time around, with a toilet which had the word ”Take A Trump” inscribed on it.
The golden toilet which was placed right next to Trump’s star over the weekend, was filled with something wet and filthy.
According to TMZ, law enforcement sources revealed that no one has reported the vandalism, and they’re not yet investigating the toilet prank.
The site also reached out to Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, which oversees the stars’ maintenance but so far no response from them.

Source: Tori

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