22-year old Nigerian corper to earn $1M selling ads on a website with no content

A 22-year old Nigerian corp member serving in Abuja, Adesokan Ayotunde, has launched a website he calls crazynotstupid.com, that sells 1,000,000 pixels of ad space for $1 each and so far he’s made $800 having sold 800 pixels.

Imagine a TV channel that shows nothing but commercials. Apparently, quirky crazynotstupid.com is not the first, he said only conceived and sold from a different close.

Crazynotstupid.com has a grid of 10,000 boxes, each 100 pixels (10 X 10) in size, customers can place advertising logos on the purchased space, linking web users to their own websites.

The aim of site is to sell all of the pixels in the image and if he does succeed, he would rake in $1million (#320,000,000).

In my opinion, you know Nigerians like crazy ideas, I believe it is crazy enough to work. If this captures people’s imagination and they check out the site, then the pixels on the site will have value and people will buy them (to display their adverts), that’s the idea anyway.

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