6-year-old Almajiri boy close to death during Ramadan period ( Find out why )

This 6 year-old Almajiri boy have not had things all well since the start of the Ramadan  fasting because he was made to fast by force,the boy has not had anything to eat during this period.
It was  gathered that this boy was found lying almost lifeless under a tree with his eyes red and very weak until a Good Samaritan gave him food and he bounced back to life.
Mohammed Said Jidda took his Instagram handle to share the news by posting the boy’s picture with the caption: “Northern Muslims: This boy, an almajiri, is just 6 years old. He hasn’t eaten since morning. It is now 2pm. It is Jumaat prayer time. I thought he is also having fever and headache, his eyes were reddened.
After a small meal, the change was dramatic. His father, where ever he is, is oblivious of the condition of his child. His Malam wherever he is, is equally oblivious…………This is a crime against humanity. Almajirchi is a great and ongoing injustice. It must be stopped.