Conjoined twins gets separated after almost three years ( Read how it all happened )

A set of twins who born in 2014 were conjoined at the sacral region of the lower spinal cord after spending 1000 days in the hospital, It took a team of 60 doctors to separate the girls in 23 hours .
The Siamese twins separated at Kenyatta National Hospital have been released from hospital almost three years, it was gathered that the twin girls spent their first night at Meru on Thursday, June 15, after they were officially discharged.
The team included pediatric surgeons, neurosurgeons, plastic and reconstructive surgeons, anesthetists and nursing teams. The doctors take pride in the delicate surgery, the first ever of such operations in Kenya and Sub-Sahara Africa.
 Caroline Mukiri, who is the mother of the twins and also jobless , is optimistic the two twin girls will have a brighter future as they headed to Meru, making it the second time they have left the hospital after celebrating Valentines on February 14, 2017 at the Nairobi Animal Orphanage.
She said, “I am very happy; I can’t explain my happiness,” Mukiri while speaking to journalists. “I came here crying and now I leave with joy. “May God give the doctors who attended to my children more knowledge to help more people.”
They were taken to Meru in an ambulance filled with all their possessions but doctors said they will keep following up on their progress.
The hospital bill, amounting to over KSh 5 million (N15 million), was paid by KNH and the national health insurer, National Hospital Insurance Fund.
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