6 Ways to Show Your Child You Care About Their Future

Do you find yourself wondering or worrying about your child’s future? Do you want to make sure your child know that you love them a lot? Then this article is for you. Hugs, kisses and cuddles may be a perfect cure-all to boost a child’s mood, health, and confidence but today’s kids require more than the regular to feel very special.

Being a parent can be a tough drive. You love your kids so much that you sometimes go without food, drink, sleep or other conveniences so they can have an easier, more comfortable life. It’s certainly not anything dramatic, but the everyday things you have to go through and do for your kids as their parents are testaments to just how much we love these little ones, but sometimes children need more than a homemade meal and warm bed to feel loved.

Just as any relationship needs constant care and nourishment, the relationship with your kids is no different. Kids thrive when they know they are safe and loved, they can reach farther and grow stronger when they know they have the support of their family behind them.

While there are no better words than ‘I love you’ sometimes actions do truly speak louder than words, especially when it comes to today’s generation of smarter kids, here are 6 ways to show your child you really care.

  1. Invest in their future

One of the most important things you can do as parent to show your child you really care is to invest in their future. You could open a child savings bank account, start a trust fund in their name or buy shares or stocks for them and have the dividends paid to their account. By doing this, you would be able to afford the best for your child even at those times when things get rough. It’s also important to teach children about investing and encourage them to invest at a young age, so the concept won’t be foreign to them when they need to choose investments for retirement accounts later in life.

  1. Start saving now for their schooling years ahead

We all have high hopes that our children will get the best education and graduate from the best schools we can afford, but unfortunately your child’s school years are the worst times to start thinking about how you’re going to pay for it. Many parents these days are choosing to save early for their children’s education, making monthly or yearly contributions through savings plans and schemes offered by various financial institutions.

  1. Spend quality time with them

The days when your kids are still little often seem long, but the years fly by really fast. Making out time to spend with them doing the simplest things can go a long way to cementing a bond with them that will stay strong even when they get old enough to leave home. Take them out on dates, pay them visits during school hours, do chores together, help out with their home assignments from school, take them to work because seeing what you do can inspire them to aspire theirs. Most importantly, don’t miss moments that matter to them because they will never forget that you did.

  1. Support their talents and interests

When kids have interests outside of school and are allowed to develop their talents, they are less likely to have academic problems, social problems or get in trouble. When it comes to interests, there is a whole, wide, wonderful world to investigate. Perhaps you have a child who loves to look at the night sky; try introducing them to astronomy. If your child seems to have a talent for art, try encouraging them to draw. Look for things that they seem to love and things they are good at, but keep an open mind. Be prepared to accept talents and interests that may not be conventional, then educate yourself on various avenues of exploration. To help with achieving this is buying them books to help develop these talents and interests. You can find books on how to draw, how to paint, how to write songs and much more. Be creative and don’t be afraid to expand on a subject because at the same time you will be expanding your child’s mind. An interest in animals can lead to veterinary medicine, an interest in music can lead to singing professionally, and so much more.

  1. Teach them the value of money

Everything comes back to money, right? well, almost. Growing up, you might’ve faced a lot of financial challenges, so it’s only natural to show your kids that money don’t come easy. Give your child an allowance, teach them to make spending decisions and learn budgeting, let the older ones have summer office or menial jobs. You can also require your child to save a certain percentage of their allowances or any monetary gifts they receive.

  1. Sign up for an insurance cover

It’s one of those things we know we should have but are often afraid to take the steps to get. As parents, we often worry that if we get insurance we’re somehow willing ourselves misfortunes. As silly as this seems, it’s a common mindset of parents today. So let’s get real, getting an insurance cover for yourself and family is important to your children for many reasons. In the event of “the” unexpected eventuality, your insurance premiums would ensure your child’s finances remain intact and secure in the event you are no longer there or able to provide. Insurance doesn’t create the future; it helps you care for your loved ones in the future. They will benefit greatly from any insurance cover you decide to undertake.

All this being said, love, value and respect your children but do not forget discipline, remembering that as parents we need to know when to draw the line between discipline and abuse; whilst teaching our children basic excellence of manners – polite behavior, to be courteous, respectful, and how to have a considerate attitude.

Certainly you have to make sure they’re prepared for growth, aging and the future. But loving and respecting your kids and helping them love to learn will also remind them they always have you to turn to. In the end, that makes the biggest difference of all.

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