680 JTF members killed by Boko Haram

680 members of the Civilian Joint Task Force have died trying to repel Boko Haram terrorist attacks in Borno from 2012 to date, the groups Legal Officer, Mr Junril Gunda, has said.

Gunda said in an interview in Maiduguri on Friday that in spite of the high casualty figure, the JTF remain undaunted in its resolve to protect communities in the state from the terrorists.

“The group which is nonprofitable started in 2012 when our youths picked up sticks and said no more Boko Haram and they successfully push the terrorist group out of Maiduguri.

“We don’t have any other home than Borno, we are therefore working tirelessly to provide civic protections against any form of threat represented by Boko Haram.

“Sadly a lot of our youths have paid the supreme price, there is hardly any day you will hear of an attack without one of our civilian JTF killed and that does not mean we will stop defending our land of terrorism.

“As you can see I am a lawyer by profession, this is my Chamber and I am happy to also be one of the Civilian JTF. I was also trained for eight months on light arms use by the military.

“If I see a Boko Haram now, I can take him down with my gun.

“It was necessary to train our civilian JTF on the use of arms because they always move along with the military in the front line during operations.

“Our civilian JTF had taken part in almost all the operations going on in Sambisa forest.

“It was also necessary because they are always the first to sight Boko Haram suspects during checks in the state capital.

“Boko Haram members are not afraid of the military, they are afraid of the civilian JTF; they believe if a civilian JTF kill any of them, they will go to hell. Many of them have said this during their testimonies,” said Gunda.

According to him, no fewer than 23,000 youth vigilantes have been registered under the body to provide civic protection in every nooks and cranny of the state.

He said that the job of the Civilian JTF was purely to stop Boko Haram insurgents from causing havoc in the society.

Gunda said there were numerous challenges confronting the group because the members were not been paid for the job.

“Like I said earlier, it was a voluntary thing, so no one was paid any penny for the job and because of some difficulties and poor living conditions of the youths, some engage in begging to fend for themselves.

“It was as the result of this that Borno State Government decided to empower 1,400 of them as vanguards with the acronym BOYES and were being paid N15, 000 monthly.

“Government and other nongovernmental organizations must also give support to the other 20,000 youths who were not empowered.

“They should also give priority attention to widows of our deceased youths because we are left to carter for their welfare.

“Government should sponsor their children and give them a better life in recognition of the selfless sacrifices made by their parents,” said Gunda.

Source: ( Punch Newspaper )


  1. I think the civilians are doing a wonderful and great job for the government, and as such they should be considered and pay them for doing so, because it’s take lots of courage to come and and fight for the betterment of a place or a country. Like Gunda said, they are the ones on the front line why the military is behind them, this great step of the civilians JTF ever ready to fight for justice even if it’s takes their lives in the process. Such people should be highly compensated, and I believe the government alone is capable of doing that because even if it’s the right of every citizen to protect lives and property it’s is also the SOLE responsibility of the government to always protect it’s citizens including lives and property. The civilians are doing this for the military and government, so they should cater care for them. out of 20,000 persons the state is just compensating 1,400 persons, this is very unjust. I ask today, the government that has been ruling this country in one office or the other, I mean from the federal government to the local government how many of their own children or relatives can boldly come out of his/her fathers house to do what this civilians are doing today? But yet their children live the best of life. what I’m saying today is that the civilians should get their own payment or compensation, even if they are doing this job voluntarily or their own will, cos lots of them have their own family to look after, And the government is in the right position to do that. Let’s the senators and state assembly members bring one million naira each from their salaries and up keeps to support this civilians JTF. Then you can imagine how many civilians will be fed instead of begging from the street. Kudos to the Civilians JTF and the military, I pray God almighty will give you guys the strength and protection to finish this good work that you have started.. Amen.
    God bless Nigerian my beloved country.


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